Sleep. We all need it. Some of us more than others, and we all vary in how well we sleep as individuals. There are over seventy recognised sleep disorders, but aside from those disorders which can be highly debilitating, many factors affect how well we sleep. Sleep is not a black or white area, for example, by saying that someone is going to sleep, it cannot be assumed that it’s an easy process for that particular person, and some may struggle for hours to finally ‘nod off’. Since my current job mostly requires early-ish starts of 07:00AM for me, I often have to compensate for being able to wake up successfully at 05:45AM and be well-rested enough for me to get ready and face the working day. Nonetheless however, it’s also important to rest well the night before a day-off (even if you’re going to treat yourself to a lay-in). I never took sleep preparation seriously until recently, when just a few changes in my pre-sleep routine made for an effective sleep which resulted in an energetic, motivated and more alert self the next day. Here are some of those changes I made…

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Some habits I’m saying farewell to.

We’re all creatures of habit, whether these be beneficial or detrimental habits, we all have them and they can alter our lifestyle more than some people realise. These can be physical or mental habits, but whether newly attained or historically endured, sometimes we need to be think to ourselves, ‘how are these habits affecting me?’ and if they have negative influence, it may be time to say goodbye and prevent them manifesting. I’m not saying all habits are bad, we’d be in a lot of trouble if habits failed to exist and every decision and action was excessively considered each time; talk about a waste of resources. Looking each way when crossing the road, washing our hands after using the toilet, checking your mirrors when changing lanes etc. No, habits must be appreciated, but sometimes it’s nice to think proactively and try to have a reflective tidy up of the ones we can afford to let go off.

Here are some of mine, how about yours?

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