White snow and the seven awes.

If you have been living in the UK over the last week or so, I can imagine your topics of conversation have been majorly revolved around the snow, at least to some extent. It’s been the main source of news all of last week, the storm leaving many stranded, without power, water and tragically, even resulted in a few deaths. It’s been impossible to ignore the buzz surrounding the unexpected eastern weather shift in March, coined the ‘Beast of the East’.

Whilst we don’t have anywhere near the frequency or amount of snow compared to some countries (I’m looking at you Canada…), you can always rely on the UK to have something to say with the slightest sign of a snowy experience. For the most part, especially the people I’ve been around for the past week or so, it’s been mostly negative opinions on the white showers. Truthfully, it has had a huge impact on daily life, but whilst many dwell on the inconveniences, I’d like to briefly touch on my personal reasons for absolutely adoring the snow…

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