There really is no time like the present.

Life is full of lessons and learning curves, right from the second we are born. Upon the complexity of some of these lessons lie lessons of much simpler rationales. Easy as they may be to understand on the surface, some things aren’t always that straight-forward, or so we tell ourselves. I’m a huge believer that there is no time like the present, but yet hypocritically, at times I’ve seemed to master the art of procrastinating or forming a naive notion that in time things will work themselves out. Of course, in time, many things do work themselves out. Little problems or worries sometimes fade with time. However, the truth will always remain that for those places you see yourself to be and those visions of how you see your future-self to be, they require effort.

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What am I scared of? Not living.

Spiders? Nope. Heights? Not really. Clowns? Not entirely, although they can be ever so unnerving.

There are some things I’m not overly fond of, but my main fear is one of a non-physical existence. It’s not an animal or a place, nor a phobia of some sort. My ultimate fear is of an encounter with myself, a reflective type…

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Apply yourself.

Apply yourself. A phrase that I find hard to forget, and one that seems to often find its way into my stream of conscious thoughts. As famously quoted by the notorious Heisenberg from AMC’s Breaking Bad, it’s fascinating how a short phrase comprising of a mere two words can be so powerful (to me at least). Whilst I’m not in the business of cooking and distributing extremely pure┬áMethamphetamine, I feel ‘apply yourself’ has a far-reaching application to some of life’s struggles. Whether these be on a short-term or long-term basis, this phrase is increasingly becoming a life motto for me.

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