Sleep. We all need it. Some of us more than others, and we all vary in how well we sleep as individuals. There are over seventy recognised sleep disorders, but aside from those disorders which can be highly debilitating, many factors affect how well we sleep. Sleep is not a black or white area, for example, by saying that someone is going to sleep, it cannot be assumed that it’s an easy process for that particular person, and some may struggle for hours to finally ‘nod off’. Since my current job mostly requires early-ish starts of 07:00AM for me, I often have to compensate for being able to wake up successfully at 05:45AM and be well-rested enough for me to get ready and face the working day. Nonetheless however, it’s also important to rest well the night before a day-off (even if you’re going to treat yourself to a lay-in). I never took sleep preparation seriously until recently, when just a few changes in my pre-sleep routine made for an effective sleep which resulted in an energetic, motivated and more alert self the next day. Here are some of those changes I made…

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What am I scared of? Not living.

Spiders? Nope. Heights? Not really. Clowns? Not entirely, although they can be ever so unnerving.

There are some things I’m not overly fond of, but my main fear is one of a non-physical existence. It’s not an animal or a place, nor a phobia of some sort. My ultimate fear is of an encounter with myself, a reflective type…

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Apply yourself.

Apply yourself. A phrase that I find hard to forget, and one that seems to often find its way into my stream of conscious thoughts. As famously quoted by the notorious Heisenberg from AMC’s Breaking Bad, it’s fascinating how a short phrase comprising of a mere two words can be so powerful (to me at least). Whilst I’m not in the business of cooking and distributing extremely pure¬†Methamphetamine, I feel ‘apply yourself’ has a far-reaching application to some of life’s struggles. Whether these be on a short-term or long-term basis, this phrase is increasingly becoming a life motto for me.

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