A change of mindset.

I need to discipline myself. To discipline my mind in fact, or maybe to discipline and alter my mindset may seem more appropriate. Increasingly lately, I’ve been aware of how I’m spending my time. Those seemingly insignificant minutes of the day. The ones that collectively turn into hours, which lead to days which add up to the weeks which constitute the months that have been flying past as my passive self fails to develop my mindset and motivation to head where I desire.

Stating that I’m aware of the passing of my finite time is not to be mistaken for a belief that I’ve acted accordingly and in my best interest of this awareness; I haven’t, regrettably. Maybe I’m a hypocrite, it would appear so as of now. A hypocrite not in a hugely negative sense that involves others, but a hypocrite to my way of thinking and following through with action. When it comes to motivating others to use their time effectively, I like to think I’m on top form and give my all to encourage and assist people into realising their goals and helping them along on the journey to achieving them. When it comes to myself however, I need to improve. For an optimist, I sound very pathetic, I know. Actions speak louder than words (we’ll use intentions in this instance), and whilst certain happenings lately have made me appreciate the relative freedom and gift of time I have to achieve what I choose to strive for, on a daily basis I’ve made feeble efforts. Efforts of which I know I am capable of, and desired goals it would be selfish to deprive myself of achieving.

When planning ahead or envisaging where I would like to be in weeks, months or even years, I see hope. I aspire and get excited, knowing that if I put my mind to it and focus then I will get there. The issue? Maybe I get a little optimistic and hopeful before I start taking my goals seriously by starting the first steps of the journey. I could really do myself a favour with more pragmatism. I’m a dreamer, but I think too much and act below par. I don’t think myself naïve however, and certainly not as a slob or idle. I work many hours, saving substantial money for travel and other purposes. I see my friends, frequently attend the gym and love to meet new people and socialise when I have the time. I have a degree and an academic yet open-mind. However, I’m a little too passive for my own liking recently. I need to get into the habit of using my time and resources more productively. Instead of engaging in auto-pilot and a tendency to waste potentially useful periods passively browsing social media (of which there is little content I truly care for) for example, I could be planning, reading or conversing with the vast array of wonderful, talented and interesting people I know. I must act upon the understanding that those wasted minutes equate to wasted days, weeks and months in which progress is not being made on a much bigger scale over extended lengths of time.

With all the above, I do realise the importance of down-time and relaxation. A huge admirer of meditation, I’ve learned the mind can be over-worked. I’m not being too harsh on myself (I hope), but a little more action in the time I have free will benefit me, as opposed to just thinking. Time-management mixed with a dash of discipline if you will. Cultivating my mindset into rewarding myself with time off after reaching set targets, rather than time off as a standard response. Driven by recent events such as sudden deaths of individuals I know, motivating talks and importantly, the tragic Parkland school shooting in Florida, have made me realise how precious time is, and how it can be taken away so suddenly with no mercy for your future intentions or goals.

Consequently, I vow to use my time more wisely and proactively, to benefit my goals and to head in the directions that I desire. To be intrigued by this world, to love, to learn and to live the life I have the freedom to do so.

Tomorrow is a promise to no-one.

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